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How to Choose Colours for your Nursery

When it comes to preparing your baby’s room for their arrival, choosing a colour is often more complicated than just selecting a traditional pink or blue. With so many different options available, there are other ways to create that perfect nursery for your new addition.

Paint colours you surround yourself on a daily basis affect how you feel in general. Colours can influence not only moods, but also behaviour, so selecting the right colour for your baby’s room is important to their development and helping to ensure they have a restful sleep – and you as parents in turn.

Warm Colours

Warm colours can help even large spaces feel cozy and more comforting but they generally aren’t the best choice for a baby’s room. Colours such as red and orange generally tend to make people feel more energetic, and when it comes to trying to get a baby to sleep at night – the last thing you want is a burst of energy from your bold paint colours.

Cool Colours

Cool colours help to give a calming vibe to a room. If you have a smaller space, they can help it feel more open air airy which in turn leads to a more peaceful environment. Having cool colours in your nursery will help with bedtime and make it easier for your baby to fall asleep at night.

Some of the best cool colours for nursery painting are light blues, purples and greens. Stay away from the darker shades of these colours as it can have the opposite effect, such as darker blues which can symbolize storms and cause stress, preventing babies from sleeping soundly.

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