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How Can Paint Colour Help With Anxiety

There are over 10 million colours out there (AZ Central), but do you think that all of them will stimulate the same reaction in your brain? Do you think that different colours have different effects on people? If so, then this guide is a must-read for you.

We will discuss how paint colours can help with people’s anxiety and which type of colours have the most calming effects.

So if you are excited to know what colour you’ll be going with for your next paint job then make sure to stick to this guide till the end, let’s start:

What is Colour Therapy?

Humans have a very complex brain mechanism, and even after centuries of studies, we haven’t got the complete hang of how it works and how to completely cure problems related to it like schizophrenia or anxiety. Many treatments ranging from medicines to therapies have been introduced that are very effective in dealing with many mental issues, especially anxiety.

One of such therapies that help people with anxiety, stress, and depression is colour therapy. It uses different colours or their combinations and heals the individual facing certain emotional or psychological issues. It is also known as chromotherapy and colour healing, and it works by correcting psychological and physiological imbalances in the body.

The frequencies coming out from a certain colour produce certain hormones and chemicals in the body, promoting calmness. For instance, if you are feeling stressed, you can benefit from colour therapy to feel relaxed and regain psychological balance. After a pretty tiring day at the office, you will find it relaxing to sleep in your bedroom, having a calming paint colour.

Which Colours Are Best For Anxiety?

You might be surprised to know, but ‘Blue’ is the colour known to be most effective when you are feeling anxious or stressed. Ironically, the blue colour is associated with the ‘Monday blues’ which is the most depressing day of the year and comes once in January. However, that’s just a saying; the colour blue actually works the opposite of depressing people.

Remember when you sit down in a park and watch the blue sky to daydream a bit and calm yourself down? That’s actually the effect of blue colour that calms your nerves and relaxes your body. Or, when you take a trip to the beach and watch the blue ocean and its calm waves kissing your feet and then running back like a shy teenage girl? Everything around you becomes pretty peaceful.

This is how the blue colour works with your mind and calms it down, which in turn, soothes your whole body. However, you don’t have to just roll with the blue colour in your whole home. There are some more shades that also have calming effects. You can combine them with blue and make your home a relaxing peace of art, let’s check them out below:

Some More Colours That Help With Stress and Anxiety:

  • Lavender: With a slightly blue base, lavender is a perfect paint colour when it comes to calming properties. When you are selecting a lavender shade, make sure to go with something having a muted tone and not so much black in it. Lilac or soft violet also has similar colour balance properties that relieve stress.
  • Green: It is commonly known that green soothes the eyes, which is why many country flags like Pakistan, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Italy, etc. have green colour in them. The colour brings out the concept of nature in your minds, and spending time in the company of nature brings out tranquillity and happiness. Furthermore, according to a study conducted by MNSU; people in green rooms had lower stress scores than people in red rooms. You can combine green with pale yellow or beige undertones for more effectiveness.
  • Soft Pink: Although the bright pink colours like dark pink or fuchsia can increase your stress levels, soft shades with a major part of white can prove to be pretty calm and peaceful for a human mind. We advise that you check out the different shades of pink and see which one doesn’t overstimulate you, go with that one. Our recommendation would be millennial pink and baby pink.
  • White: White also works remarkably in calming down the nerves. According to the same MNSU study, white rooms also reduce stress levels like the green ones. However, small differences in the white paint tones can get different reactions out of people. Therefore, we suggest that you stick to the clean and bright white paint for a more calming environment and avoid going for the moody and dark accents.

Painting your home, be it any room, is a once in years kind of thing. Therefore, we advise you to take some time to learn the psychology of colours, comb through the catalogues of paint colours and then decide which one will be best for you.

Some people try to replicate the colour they grew up watching in their home as it can give them a sense of tranquillity, comfort, and warmth, so this is another thing you can consider doing.

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